Stock up on premier pet supplies

Our goal at Boutique & Pet Spa is to promote well-balanced diets and plenty of play time. From treats and toys to beds and brushes, we have what you need to:

  • Treat your pet to a spa day
  • Give you pet a well-balanced meal
  • Have extra play time with your pet

And when you want to give your furry friend an extra special treat, bring them to Boutique & Pet Spa for a day of care and grooming. You'll love browsing through aisles of unique toys and treats, and your pet will enjoy their time with our experienced groomers.

Stop by our boutique today to start shopping.



Nail trimming


Teeth cleaning

Boutique & Pet Spa is a low-volume pet grooming facility. We try to keep pets comfortable while at our spa to ensure a stress-free grooming experience.